CSI Security Graduate Reception at the IoT House

On graduation day, May 5th, a reception was held at the Center for Security Informatics. The IoT house was happy to play host with a great variety of foods, drinks, and company for the evening. The reception was in honor of graduating Ph.D. students Roberto Hoyle and Kevin Benton as well as new B.S recipient Rachel Huss. Each of these students reached important milestones of achievement in their educational lives and their teachers, families, and friends were happy to gather together to celebrate with them as Roberto and Kevin graduated from the Ph.D. program and Rachel from the undergraduate school.

Roberto Hoyle’s educational focus has been in computer security, with a focus on privacy and wearable systems. His thesis focused on the protections to privacy as they relate to technology. Last year he published the paper “Was my message read?: Privacy and Signaling on Facebook Messenger,” along with authors Srijita Das, Apu Kapadia, Adam J Lee, and Kami Vaniea. Roberto's advisor, Professor Apu Kapadia, was in attendance as well as the Holye family.

Kevin Benton’s foci as a Ph.D. student have included systems security, protocol security data center orchestration, and software defined networking. His 2016 publications include “Firewalling Scenic Routes: Preventing Data Exfiltration via Political and Geographic Routing Policies,” “Bongo: A BGP Speaker Built for Defending Against Bad Routes," and “Preventing Data Exfiltration via Political and Geographic Routing Policies,” which he authored with Professor Jean Camp and Martin Swany. Jean Camp was in attendance as well as the extended Benton family.

Rachel Huss’ informatics studies have included research with Jean Camp. Rachel graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Informatics. She has been a regular face at Professor Camp's group meetings and a strong assistant in various research projects, most recently the human research experiments related to Yubico keys and human interface use.

In addition to CSI graduates, the event was attended by a variety of faculty, staff and current graduate students from the Center for Security informatics, Computer Science, and other departments. In the many chairs and comfortable spaces of the IoT House, eating and talking ranged far into the night. Everyone who came left full of food and drink as well as invigorated by the success of our teammates, students and friends.